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We are a team of North Georgia Photographers based in Dahlonega and Athens, Georgia.   Although our focus is on weddings we also do engagement shoots, senior portraits, baby bumps shoots, family portraits and more.  And, we are willing to travel throughout the South and beyond.  Read on to learn more about For Always Photos.


As people, we are fun, energetic and very comfortable to work with.   We are passionate about our work and love what we do.  Our goal is to let our enthusiasm rub off on our clients.   We want you to be super comfortable being themself and openly reveal your personality during the shoot. 



North Georgia Photographers:


Our aim is to provide lots of value to our clients.  We are not the cheapest North Georgia Photographers, and we certainly are not the most expensive.   Our prices are right there in the middle. 


Also, we provide a Coprirght Release to all of our clients for the images shot at their session,   That means you do not have to buy your prints from us.   We know that the old days of buying all your prints from the photographer are dead and gone.   (Sorry to all the high end photographers out there but that’s the way it is!)


So, if you are looking for a self-absorbed “artistic” photographer who takes themselves too seriously you have come to the wrong place.  Do you have a $10k budget for photos?   That’s not us.  We would rather see you use that money as down payment on your first house!


What we do better than any other company is make our clients comfortable and have fun at their photo shoot.  The greatest compliment we recieve is when a client tells us “My partner HATES taking photos… but they had a blast with you guys!   And, the photos were FANTASTIC!” 


That’s what we live for at For Always Photos! 

Meet our North Georgia Photographers:

Meet our founder, Cyndi Nichols Durham:

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Hello!  I’m Cyndi Durham, founder of For Always Photos:

“I started shooting photos way back in 2004 as an owner, and wedding planner at Cavender Castle.  Mostly, I did it to get great photos of my venue, and of my clients having fun.   This was way back when you shot on film.  Yikes we have come a long way!  

In 2006 I started shooting wedding professionally as a way of helping my elopement couples.   Most couples wanted photos of their  wedding, but could not afford to hire a traditional photographer.  These early elopements helped me polish my skills and develop an eye for posing my couples and getting the most from a particular shot.  I learned how to make clients feel comfortable during their session,  and especially how to photograph children. 

Since then I have done over 1000 weddings at The Castle, other venues, waterfalls, cabins, and countless engagement sessions.  By 2016, my daughter Delaney had developed a similar passion for photography.  Soon Lindsey came on board and we launched For Always Photos.   

Today, I still shoot elopements and small weddings.   The girls do most of the bigger weddings at venues throughout North Georgia.  But I am always in the background providing guidance and making sure they have all the resources and support they need! “

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Meet Photographer Lindsey Schmittou:

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Hi I’m Lindsey!


“I love photography!   It is just that simple!   


My focus in life is to continue to build a career as a full time, professional photographer.  I can’t think of a better way to make a living.  Like the old saying… if you love what you do you never go to work a day in your life!   


I have blast being part of For Always Photos!   Delaney and Cyndi are so fun to learn from, and to work with.   And, they really appreciate the skills I bring to the company with my Photoshop/Lightroom editing skills.   It feels great to be appreciated and to know I’m an important part of the company’s future!   It is fun to be surrounded by other North Georgia Photographers who have the same outlook on how to do a weddign shoot.   


What more could anyone ask for?


I am looking forward to working with you soon! “

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Meet Photographer Delaney Durham:

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Hi I’m Delaney!

“I was born into the wedding business.  And i feel destined to become one of the most successful North Georgia photographers”

Some of my earliest memories are of helping my mother decorate for weddings at her Cavender Castle Wedding Venue.  Throughout my teenage years I learned how to plan and coordinate weddings both large and small.  In 2017 I became a certified wedding planner. 

I also gained lots of hands on experience as a second shooter for our in-house photography team.  With time I learned  how to pose couples and their families.  And even more importantly I learned how to help everyone enjoy their photo session.

Today I am busy expanding our photography business into the Athens area. 

Being both a Certified Wedding Planner and Professional Photographer is pretty rare.   Understanding how to do both makes me super effective at all weddings, especially small weddings, where I often perform both services simultaneously.

Give me a call and see if we are a good match for each other!”


Athens Photographer Delaney Durham Portfolio

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